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Michael Jäggi

‘I’ve never lost my ability to laugh.’

In his moving story, Michael Jäggi tells us why he has a guitar collection instead of a photo album. Looking back at his life, he says we should accept life and all its ups and downs.


Auto body paint technician -> IV professional integration of people with disabilities ->
Electrical planner

Role at TBF

Project manager, site manager, traction current planner

With TBF since


While talking to you, I can’t help noticing the wall full of guitars behind you. How did that come about?

It all be­gan in year 7 at school with a live DVD of Ozzy Os­bourne. The mo­ment I saw his gui­tarist Zakk Wylde work­ing the strings, I knew right away that I want­ed to be able to do that too! I al­ready had my first col­lec­tor’s item when I was only 13 years old!

A good friend who worked at the lo­cal mu­sic store and I came up with a plan to or­der a pro­fes­sion­al gui­tar. I had no in­ten­tion of buy­ing it, I just want­ed to see what it felt like to hold it. But on the day the gui­tar ar­rived, my friend wasn’t around. So an­oth­er em­ploy­ee called me at home and my moth­er an­swered the phone. She was to­tal­ly sur­prised to find out her son had or­dered a gui­tar like that! In the end, she bought it for me – on the con­di­tion that I help out in the af­ter­noons at a lo­cal garage to pay for the gui­tar, which cost quite a bit. I worked there twice a week for two years.

What do these guitars mean to you?

You could say that the gui­tars and the way they are hung here are the prod­uct of my jour­ney so far. There’s an ex­pe­ri­ence, a mem­o­ry, an en­counter be­hind every sin­gle one… they are more than just in­stru­ments to me. In fact, they are like a col­lec­tion of mile­stones in a pho­to al­bum.

My pas­sion for gui­tars is close­ly linked to a key sit­u­a­tion in my life. Sev­en years ago, I was in a car crash, and I suf­fered se­vere in­juries to my body and my head. I was even in a coma for a while. My girl­friend at the time put head­phones on me and played me Zakk Wylde’s mu­sic over and over again. It was the mu­sic that was play­ing when I re­gained con­scious­ness, and it also ac­com­pa­nied me through my dif­fi­cult re­cov­ery pe­ri­od. His mu­sic touch­es me some­where deep with­in. When I dis­cov­ered one of his gui­tars on eBay, I knew right away that I had to have it! I told the guy who was sell­ing it my sto­ry and how it con­nect­ed me to the mu­sic of Zakk Wylde. And then some­thing amaz­ing hap­pened. It turned out he was the man­ag­er of Zakk Wylde’s up­com­ing Eu­ro­pean tour! He was so touched that he in­vit­ed me to a meet and greet with my idol, and af­ter the con­cert he gave me a signed gui­tar.

What have you learned from your own story?

That you should nev­er, ever give up fol­low­ing your dreams. I had to re­learn every­thing from scratch af­ter my ac­ci­dent: walk­ing, speak­ing, eat­ing. Every­thing. It was a re­al­ly hard time for me, a time full of set­backs and frus­tra­tion. The man in charge of my re-in­te­gra­tion into the job mar­ket told me that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. ‘Choose an easy path to fol­low, Mr Jäg­gi,’ he said. But that was nev­er an op­tion for me. I want­ed to work again and live my life in­de­pen­dent­ly, the way I want­ed. I fought for that be­cause I was con­vinced that I ul­ti­mate­ly knew what was best for me.

When I look back to­day, I can say in all hon­esty, ‘I re­al­ly have thrown off my chains. And I feel clos­er to my true self than ever be­fore. I’m au­then­tic.’

Taking your own story into consideration, what advice would you give others?

More than any­thing else, I would say, live your dreams – to­day and every day. Time waits for no one. So fol­low your dreams. Start­ing right now!

I have to ask one last thing out of curiosity: how many guitars do you have?

In to­tal, I al­ready have 25 (laughs). But there’s still a lot more room in my mu­si­cal pho­to al­bum.

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